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Isn't it time you started earning money online? Whether you've had your website idea for a short time or for as long as the internet has been around, you can utilize my 18 years of internet design and development experience and goal-oriented coaching strategies to help you take your goal of creating a website or an online business and turn it into reality more quickly and easily than any other method I know.

You can create a website and maintain web pages, generate content that search engines love, get viral traffic to your website, make product and service sales and ultimately build YOUR ideas into the profitable online business you once only dreamed possible. (Even if right now you can't figure out how to actually register a domain name)!

You can earn more, work less, and enjoy your life!

What We Will
Explore Together in Your Coaching

Your website coaching will start with a thorough exploration of what YOU want to accomplish online. Once your goals are defined, the consulting portion of our work together begins. You will discover exactly how to take those goals and make them into a working website, complete with a long term strategy on how to grow that site and build it successfully over time.

  • 1

    Identify your goals

    Discover exactly what goals you want to accomplish online and understand why.

  • 2

    Craft a business model

    Setup an online business model that is targeted for your business requirements.

  • 3

    Launch your website

    Produce your new website with ease and use it to accomplish your goals.

  • 4

    Discover your skills

    Assess your 'computer comfort zone' and use that knowledge in your strategy.

  • 5

    Find qualified freelancers

    Establish how much website work you will do and find help to 'fill-in the gaps'.

  • 6

    Fuel your motivation

    Develop weekly, monthly and long term strategies to reach those goals.

  • 7

    Use your strengths

    Uncover your character strengths and put them to use in your marketing.

  • 8

    Shorten your learning curve

    Tap into the best online learning resources for all things web.

  • 9

    Balance work and life

    Discover how to balance work with high-quality 'family and friend' moments.

  • 10

    Leverage yourself

    Target what you do online to achieve maximum profits in minimum time.

Why Website Coaching and Consulting?

Our collaboration can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars
trying to figure out the internet by yourself!

Success in business

Make Sure Your Coach
is an Experienced Webmaster!

Over the last 18 years, I have built and managed websites for everything from small start-ups to large government organizations. If there's something you want to create, I'm going to know exactly what you need to do to get it online, from start to finish.

I've also built my own company in addition to working for others. I have created e-commerce websites that earn commission-based, affiliate and drop-shipping revenue. I own dozens of content-based websites that generate hundreds of dollars monthly in advertising revenue (and I have historically sold these for as high as $50000 USD). I have sites that generate leads through email marketing with lists currently containing thousands of members.

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn a living online and I have learned through 'trial and error' what works and what doesn't so you don't have to try to figure it out on your own.

A vastly shortened learning curve is a powerful capability I can offer as your website coach and consultant. You benefit from my education, knowledge and years of experience to develop websites quickly and successfully. I can mentor you in precise strategies and systems proven to produce results both on and off the Internet.

Success in coaching

Make Sure Your Webmaster
is an Experienced Coach!

As much as I love websites, I love to help other people learn and succeed; I consider this my personal mission. Helping you is more satisfying to me than sitting in front of the computer working on website code. To support my goal in helping you succeed, I am working toward obtaining my ICF Coaching Certification. The ICF is the only internationally recognized body that certifies life and business coaches around the world today.

My role as a website coach is to act as your mentor, sounding board and flag bearer as we work through issues holding you back from achieving your online goals. As your coach, I help you see who you want to become and help you find your path to get there; I help focus your vision and clear the pathway to your future life. It is an effective collaboration of equals.

Our time together will also help me earn the hours to get my MCC (Master Certified Coach) designation. You will get the benefit of my professional coaching skills along with all of my internet capabilities. I see this as win-win for us both.

One-on-one Coaching Will Take You to the Next Level

Personal One-on-one Contact

When you join my coaching program, you contact me personally. There is no "middleman" or assistant learning about making websites at the same time as coaching you. I don't sign you up and then hand you off to someone else to do all of the work. You get me directly every time we work together, and you get access to the knowledge I have at my disposal to answer your questions.

Custom-tailored Advice

You want business advice and help that applies to your unique situation and goals. You don't need one-size-fits-all marketing tools or the latest info product launched from the Warrior Forum. Simply put, there isn't anyone I know who has as much experience online as I do. And I want to use that knowledge to coach and mentor you to help you make your living online too.

Time and Financial Efficiency

Can you learn this yourself? Yes you can -- there are lots of books, training courses and videos to help you start an online business. But this is no replacement for finding a coach and consultant who works with you on your business personally and helps you avoid errors costing hundreds of hours and thousands of your hard-earned dollars trying to "do-it-yourself".

Ready to Get Started?

You Have Three Choices
for One-on-one Coaching / Consulting with Me

The first option is email-only coaching. You will receive my personal email address and you can send me email questions for help with any website, business or motivation issues you have. I answer all emails within 24 hours Monday through Thursdays. Most mornings I start the day sitting down at the computer and the first order of business is to answer all of the emails I have received since noon of the day previous. I often record my answers by audio or with a screen capture program so if you need help setting something up online, I can send you a step-by-step of how to do what you want to do. If you have a highly involved issue, it might take me longer than 24 hours to send a complete reply, but I will let you know it is taking more time. This is an affordable way to have one-on-one contact with me directly. This option is perfect if you are already online and need help with ongoing questions. You can send me an email at midnight if you want ... and I'll answer it the next day. It will be ready and waiting for you when you check your messages.

The cost of email coaching is only $497 per month.

The second option is email plus Skype coaching. This is most popular and cost-effective way for you get real-time answers and explore every aspect of succeeding in your website project. Basically, we start with your idea and at the end of the initial process, you have a fully functional website. As above, you have my personal email address to send questions to and I will send you answers daily. In addition, we will have a 50 minute Skype video or phone session weekly. This option is perfect if you are new to websites and doing business online and need help getting started. We do complete goal setting and yes, I can hold you accountable to those goals if you so choose. This year CAN be the year you get online! Option 2 is the best way to benefit from all of the experience I have to offer. Most folks are operational by the end of the fourth month.

The cost of email + Skype/phone coaching is currently $997 per month.

The third option is a high-powered fast-track. If you're tired of not getting results online, or not getting online period, the entire process is accelerated by utilizing me to procure the services you require at the same time as providing coaching and consulting. It's option 2 on steroids. Most of you choose option 2 to work with me, but of the clients I have choosing option 3, most are online and working their business within weeks. It's the most expensive option, yes, but it's the perfect choice if you're tired of spinning your wheels and you want to get your site up and running NOW. You can reasonably expect to be fully operational by the end of the second month.

The cost of fast-track coaching is $1997 per month. (I have two spots open for fast-track at this time.)

You are in Charge

No Long-Term Contracts
or Commitment is Required

Obviously this coaching isn't for everyone. You will note I have not hidden the price and made you sign up for a newsletter or click another link to see how much my coaching costs. My experience is that anyone who hides prices up-front are looking to high-pressure sell you with constant follow-up. This coaching is "what you see is what you get". There are no aggressive tactics, upsells or affiliate sales here.

The costs above are very reasonable compared to other options to get you online. Buying a website from a design company will cost you thousands of dollars without any advice attached to the process. Seminars are also an option, but are generally even higher prices and on top of that fee is your airfare, flight and hotel. Many are pitches for the higher priced products sold by the speaker. And no seminar offers you ongoing support beyond the initial flushes of motivation and excitement, unless they've got something else to sell.

When you sign up, you can cancel your membership at any time in this program. You are in full control of this. I bill through Paypal (or recurring credit card at your request - we set this up to your convenience). If you want to stop, you can simply login to your account and cancel anytime, or send me a request via email and I will stop your next recurring payment from going through.

My recommendation is that you plan for at least three to six months of coaching when you sign up, because success is rarely instant online. It does take time and committment. In this coaching program though, you are in total control of the committment levels, not me! That said, if I don't provide the guidance and advice you need to get your website and online business operational, you can cancel at any time.

Please note:

My coaching is for people who are honest and ethical in their business practices. We're human and all mistakes from time to time, but I am only able to work with people who are interested in delivering value to their customers. As well, I am not able to coach you if your business is in what I call the internet "underbelly" niches. In your first coaching session I will let you know immediately if I feel we will be an incorrect "fit". Thanks for your understanding.

Also ...

I Cannot Guarantee Your Success
Either During or After This Coaching Program

Why? There are simply so many variables involved. I CAN'T guarantee you success because for any number of reasons you might not be able or willing to put in the effort to make it a success. You can only make a website and grow a business if you invest many hours of work yourself into the process. This is not a magic wand that I'm offering. And not every idea is ultimately profitable. I am offering you expertise to give you a better chance of success, but it's not success that I can guarantee.

A guarantee I CAN offer is that I will be 100% available to you when I have committed to do so, and if circumstances get in the way of that, I will let you know immediately and reschedule. I do not offer any refunds because I dedicate time and effort into the success of each one of you and my time has value. If you are a person willing to put in the time, dedication and effort into making a website, learning marketing and building a business, YOU are the kind of client I am looking for.

I look forward to starting our work together:



  • Email Coaching
  • 24h Turnaround
  • Website Advice
  • Business Framework


  • Email + Skype Coaching
  • 24h Turnaround
  • Website Assistance
  • Marketing Strategies


  • Email + Skype + Website
  • 24h Turnaround
  • Contracted Services
  • Marketing Execution

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